We invite you to the exhibition "Rescue on an Ammunition Crate Written" and to bid on unique works of art on original ammunition crates from Ukraine, which are the result of reflections and relationships formed during trips to Ukraine. This is an opportunity to acquire a unique piece and help out.

ATTENTION! The works are still in the painting phase. New ones will be published on this page every few days.

Help trips to Ukraine are not just humanitarian aid. They are relationships, reflections. Hundreds of hours in the car and dozens of meetings. It's tears in the eyes and sometimes a lot of joy. And that helplessness! Because you can't do much when there's pain and destruction all around you... And on the other hand, you find out that even those insignificant candies are like chocolate from Central African cocoa.

I have been working in Ukraine since 2014, helping those affected by the armed conflict in the East for 9 years. First to our friendly soldiers, then cooperating with the "Arka" center near Mariupol, where children who were harmed were gathered.

Now that the war has engulfed the entire country. When real barbarism is happening. When it has been judged that someone needs to be eliminated, on one hand, I suffer and worry more and on the other hand, I increasingly discover that humanity, love, and relationships are values ​​that matter... I still have concerns about our eastern border with Poland not becoming neighboring Russia, because that doesn't bode well.

You won't find politics, history, opposition to the system, cursing the enemy or demanding change, cessation, anger, or hatred in my works on ammunition crates. Because that's not why I create them.

I often make them with internal pain and a silent scream: let's change what brings evil to the image of good, relationship with God. Each of the works is my feelings, thought, attempt to talk with God and sometimes an inner reproach that I couldn't help, support.

That's why each work is and will be unique - a moment that is fleeting yet captured in an image. That's why I consider their value incalculable. Feelings, prayers, relationships, experiencing and, above all, love, cannot be sold.

We invite you to the exhibition currently taking place at the Ikon Gallery in Wrocław. We also invite you to view the works on this website, read reflections in the form of poetry. And we invite you to bid on the works on our store's website.

Below is a presentation of the works at the exhibition along with texts.

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Cherson Icon of the Mother of God

Actually, the icon is from Korsun, as its presence was recorded in this city on the Crimean Peninsula. However, the name made me think of Cherson, a city known for its watermelons, desert, zoo, and beauty. Today, tragedy is happening around it.

Below is a presentation of works from an exhibition with accompanying texts.

Work on an ammunition box, 44/43 cm, acrylic.

Tenderness, Sweet Kiss, Eleusa

The most tender image that emerged in Byzantine iconography.

Ammo box, 58/53 cm, acrylic, fragments of photographs submerged in epoxy resin depicting scenes from the war. Of particular note is the Lord's Prayer etched by a imprisoned soldier on the wall of his cell, where he was held for many months and tortured.


The work was created based on the Pantocrator of Zion. The pixelated color of the uniform was used in the background. Christ is not only the Defender or Lord of the Universe (pantocrator = ruler of the universe) but also one with us. In my experiences, many conversations with soldiers and even captured torturers have revealed a fundamental lack of someone specific to trust and give oneself to.

Ammo box lid, 55/29 cm, acrylic.

Fatima Icon of the Mother of God

The first icon of this type was located near Donetsk in a small monastery. It was written in an effort to give Russia to the Heart of Mary. Here, in the heart of the Mother of God, a map of Ukraine and Poland was submerged.

Ammo box lid, 41/35 cm, acrylic, epoxy resin.


"It is easier for us to believe in Jesus' death than that He gave Himself up for us."

It is hard to believe that people are dying somewhere in the East, not only defending their land and homeland, but also defending us. How? Was it not the West that insisted on disarming Ukraine of nuclear warheads? Can one imagine a peaceful eastern border of Poland with an aggressive neighbor who is constantly at war?

It is easier for us to believe in war than that they are also dying for us there.

Ammo box lid, 54/29 cm, acrylic.

Archangel Michael

He is not only the Patron Saint of Ukraine but also a powerful warrior fighting against Satan. How can we not call upon His help when priests of the Russian Orthodox Church officially allow killing, calling people on the other side of the front "antichrists" and "the devil"?

Ammo box lid, 45/28 cm, acrylic, epoxy resin.

Baptism of Christ My repeated experience in Ukraine is the unity of hearts devoted to God in the sacrament of baptism. This sacrament creates a special unity of hearts. There are many soldiers who receive baptism during the war. This is an incredible moment for me and a testimony that even this tragedy is not proof that God does not exist. Where there is sin, grace is poured out even more.

Ammo box lid, 64/31 cm, acrylic, epoxy resin.


How low has humanity fallen that someone records a soldier's execution with their phone and publishes the video in the media. Can morale really be destroyed in this way?

Board from ammunition crate, 55/28 cm, acrylic


We invite you to bid and purchase our works. All proceeds will go towards our aid efforts in Ukraine. You can learn more about our actions by visiting our website and going to the homepage.

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Various poems and reflections


About the artist

Hubert Kampa "El'azar" Founder and president of the In Blessed Art foundation (www.inblessedart.pl), director of the Gallery and Icon Workshop in Wrocław (www.ikonywroclaw.pl), director and co-organizer of the Charitable Sacred Workshop "ELEOS" (www.workshopeleos.eu), coordinator of the project commemorating Polish soldiers from 1920 (www.niezapomniani1920.pl).

During his theological studies, he fell in love with Byzantine iconography. Since 2009, he has been running his own iconographic workshop (www.elazaricon.pl), where over 400 icons have been created. The icons are located in Polish churches, private collections in Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, USA, Israel... Many icons are also owned by soldiers defending the country in Poland and Ukraine. He is also a professional florist.

Participant in international iconographic workshops in Volhynia and Nowica, volunteer for the Eleos-Ukraine Foundation, co-founder and director of the Charitable International Iconographic Workshops "Eleos" in Kiev. Co-creator of the exhibitions "Prayer for Ukraine" and "Prayer for Migrants" in Poland and Ukraine, as well as international iconographic workshops "Eleos".

Winner of International Christian Poetry Contests in Opole. Awarded a medal for "Dedication and Love for Ukraine" by Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine Filaret, as well as the Cross of the Military Chaplain by Soldiers of the 1st Battalion of the 30th Mechanized Brigade of Novohrad-Volynskyi. Winner of the "Magnolia Powiatu Opolskiego" award.

Since 2013, he has been particularly supporting eastern Ukraine through volunteering for the military and those affected by military actions. Since 2017, he has been particularly supporting the development of the "Arka" Center in the Donetsk region, in Pionerske near Mariupol. A member of the Organization for Peace "Creators of Peace" and the Christian Rescue Service.

Since 2016, he has been supporting the construction of a temple in the village of Susły in Ukraine (near Novohrad-Volynskyi) through painting and unifying the decor. He collaborates with the Polish Association of Julian Lubliński and the Parish of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Novohrad-Volynskyi.

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